We know them, we have them…our amazing friends that used to drink with us till dawn and do all the fun stuff with. Then they got married. I am not sulking. Or bitter. But if you can relate, this post is for you.

They give you the “pity” look. Changing your prefix to Mrs or wearing a ring does not make you the end all or be all for people who lead happy lives. We are single not dying!


They suddenly have solid relationship advice. Most of which usually end with when you get married, you will understand”.


They want to know when you will join them in marriage-hood. Hmn hmn. You cannot wait to have ENOUGH money to marry. (Even though his reception was done at Oriental Hotel in Lagos).


They go on way too many double dates. It’s like during the courtship, a date is strictly between two people. But after the wedding, a date suddenly involves a group of people. In married pairs. Bye bye single friends. First of all, we get that we single folks may be constant reminders of some forms of fun that you can no longer have. But we can give objective advice too. You can’t just kick us to the curb because you’re married. You didn’t kick us when we were purchasing the aso-ebis and cheering you on at the wedding. Ok. So maybe I am a little bitter.


They attend all the weddings. Together. Really people? This is how you make us feel. Honestly.


They run out of examples that don’t contain their spouse’s name. for example if ________(insert name of spouse) was in charge of that transaction…… “


All their stories are told in plural. When we went to Dubai” “when Temi and I were cooking” ”we went to visit his grandma. Errm, do you not do things alone anymore?


They have an unlimited/unending supply of native attires. Tailors must love new weds. Everything has to be sewn in twos… happy times. I don’t even know how they do it.


Share your experience below or send us a mail at … and if you’re married. Tell us why you hate us so…


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  1. Booboo kitty says:

    I totally agree. U cnt evn visit dem freely again. U hv to ask “is ur husband around?”D young guy we used to gossip abt has turned to “oga”.

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  2. 'Seyi says:

    Funny. I had similar funny experience when a female friend got married. Before she got married, we were really quite on point; she married a soldier; after the wedding (after buying aṣọ ẹbi and Fila, we’ll and eating some wedding jollof too. Lol), the guy changed his number. When we spoke on facebook why we can’t reach her again, she said she can’t speak with guys anymore – “a command” from oga soldier. Such is life! Lol

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    1. Aunty Rose says:

      Lmao!!! I feel your pain. Esp because you were “really quite on point” before the soldier proposed first. *Wink *wink


  3. Oma says:

    They roam about on social media writing sweet epistles about each other.Thier profile descriptions suddenly start with “wife” “husband”

    And the ladies, oh no. They hyphenate or just change thier names altogether.

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  4. Yeah, I hate when people get married and they “can’t” go out with their single friends anymore. It’s quite sad.


    1. Aunty Rose says:

      Do they even “want” to? I dont understand it at all….


  5. I’m not sure if they want to go out with single friends or not. It’s like now that they have joined the elite marriage club all of their single friends have become second class citizens. It’s hilarious smh


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