This is not a conventional post. Today, you are going to do the work. We need your help. The way this economy is, regular folks cannot afford to get married anymore without family support. Some of my friends have found a healthy alternative. They just go to court, fulfil traditional rites (in faraway villages where they know we cannot attend) and do a blessing of marriage in a private little ceremony in church at a later date. And they’ll proudly post the pictures. All of us will say congrats and mean it because we understand. Are we really ready to phase out conventional church wedding ceremonies and the extravagant receptions that follow afterwards? What will happen to caterers and wedding planners? And those of us who go for the food?

Naija I hail thee. For the union of one man and one woman, we have the following ceremonies:

  1. Introduction + small reception to entertain the families and a few friends to celebrate.
  2. Court wedding + small reception/cocktail for friends to celebrate
  3. Traditional wedding + big reception for all the elders and strangers that had nothing to do with the couple’s journey to adulthood and friends. To celebrate.
  4. Church (white) wedding + reception to entertain guests and celebrate the union.

 Na we celebrate pass!

And despite all the costs associated with the four-staged ceremony (I hear its more for some ethnic groups), some “regular” folks are still doing the fourth stage every Saturday.

It is for those Incredible Hulks that I write this post. Please show us the way.

Just let us know in the comment section or send an email to if you got married recently (2014-date) and tell us how you did it. Just fill out this form:

Nickname (or you can just tell us your real name):

Job (Industry):

Monthly salary range:

Estimated savings:

Wedding month and year:

Destination of wedding:

How I did it:

Ps: we know say na God. Who did He use?


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